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>Gary Shannon scripsit:
>> The only solution is to learn to be comfortable with
>> uncertainty. "Look and it can't be seen.  Listen and
>> it can't be heard. Reach, and it can't be grasped." -
>> Tao Te Ching (ch:14)
>Good advice anyhow.

        If the human brain was any simpler than it is, it would be way too
far complex for us to even ponder pondering it  ;)  intriguin' paradox that...

    Jeepers! Just how many Taoists & Buddhists (and Taoist/Buddhist
similar/sympathetic) are on this list 0_o?
    It's hasta be an email list record for a non-Taoist/Buddhist email list!
(And better grasped ;) than some of those lists, too... Proud of ya peeps.)

    Comin' to think of it, we conlangers - in general - tend to be highly
skeptical of the unchangingness of language & the absolute certainity of
utterances within any semantic field - in another words, rigid, closed-ended thinking
    No wonder so many of us have no prob with mystical metaphoric language
and its use even tho' we maybe self-proclaimed atheists, secular humanists or
*GASP! EEK!* nihilistic materialists.

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>PS Why doesn't there seem to be any feminists on the list? Despite the
>disagreements we have on everything from Tagalog grammar to the existence
>of Arhats, one can apparently refer to God with masculine pronouns here
>drawing any flak whatsoever.

    ::dons flak jacket 'n' helmet::
    ::aims flamin' tongue::
    :)  :P~

    I have hard time using pronouns when it comes to these Higher Things... I
usta cringe at the Masculination of the Godhead and foam at the mouth when
any one compared the Tao to the personified male "God" of Christians. The
Chinese Boxer and the Militant Mystic really comes out to the front(lines) then...

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>Furthermore, most descriptions of God make His existence untestable
>by observation within our universe.
>So God's existence is not assumed, and cannot be proven; it is
>therefore not considered when looking for explanations of natural
>phenomena.  But the fact that God is not deemed *necessary* doesn't
>mean He *cannot* exist - no true skeptic would make such a claim,
>even if supposed necessity was the reason His existence was
>postulated in the first place.
>(Besides, He's omnipotent.  Surely such power includes the ability to exist
>despite any and all logic which might indicate otherwise. ;-))

    Carl Gustav Jung wrote, "Nobody can know what the ultimate things are. We
must, therefore, take them as we experience them. And if such experience
helps to make your life healthier, more beautiful, more complete and more
satisfactory to yourself and to those you love, you may safely say: 'This was the
grace of God.'"

    Jung also wrote," If you should find in ineradicable
tendency to believe in God or immortality, do not allow yourself to be disturbed by
the blather of so-called 'free-thinkers'; but if you find in yourself an
equally resistant tendency to deny all religious ideas, do not hesitate to deny
them and see how that suits you."

    I am rather fond of the panentheistic idea of the Ever-Evolving Mind of
the Cosmos [not to be totally confused with _pantheism_ (i.e., the certain
Hindu concepts of the Atman Nature of Brahma)].
    In a very tight nutshell, _Panentheism_ means 'everything in "God", "God"
in everything and "God" being the sum of it all and transcending all,' that
the entire cosmic process is "God" & "God" works like an improvising multimedia
artist attempting to win order and beauty out of opportunity. The entire
process moving along undetermined lines, "God" is thus also "the Great Companion -
the Fellow-Sufferer Who Understands, our Greatest Ally in the Cosmic Chaos

... then of course this following "chunk" o' wordage is one of my fav quotes:

    "...divine chaos ...rumors of chaos have been known to enhance the mature
religious vision.... for the godhead manifests no more of its reality than
the limited grammar of each person's imagination and conceptual system can
handle. A second advantage is suggested by William James in _Varieties of Religious
Experience_. James affirms the possibilty of many gods, mostly because he
takes seriously his multiverse theory of personal monads, each one of us
experiencing a unique religious revelation. An orderly monistic and monotheistic
system, he fears, might succumb to a craving for logical coherence, and trim away
some of the mystery, rich indeterminancy, and tragic ambiguity in a complete
numinous experience. For some temperaments, the ambivalent gentleness and
savagery of fate can be imagined effectively in a godhead split into personified
attributes, sometimes at war, sometimes in shifting alliance." ~ Vernon Ruland, _
Eight Sacred Horizons: The Religious Imagination East and West_

“... and know the devil is the work of god
        and all the devils do the work of god...” ~ Danzig

re: secret(ive) writings...

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>Hah!  Good one.  Of course, the real answer is "yes, and that reason is
>that it's more convenient not to keep it secret." :)
>I like the idea of the Secret Police going through a conlanger's notes.
>"Nobody would spend all this time making up a language that nobody will
>speak!  We've got to find out what they were REALLY working on!!"

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