E f+AOk-sto Gary Shannon <[log in to unmask]>:
> So my list of six primary verbs and four convenient
> but not primary verbs would be:
> move, permit, exist, be, do, have +- seem, say, see,
> hear

This is of course mainly only useful for English.   Many languages dont
need "have" or "be", and any or all of these may be expressed as different
parts of speech (as your post itself recognizes).  I dont think 'permit'
should really have made the list at all (if it's replacing 'let', which is
merely an English auxiliary marking the jussive mood).

Cf. also Wierzbicka's "Natural Semantic Metalanguage" which in theory is
sort of like this post only more ambitious (think more like "The only
SIXTY semantic items you'll ever need, in any language whatever").  Most
of your verbs make the list as items:

     move   = MOVE
     permit +AH4- WANT
     exist  = THERE IS/there are
     do     = DO
     say    = SAY
     see    = SEE
     hear   = HEAR

Some of the others considered rather verbal in English (NSM doesnt assign
them to parts of speech) are HAPPEN, THINK, KNOW, FEEL, and LIVE.

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