Quoting Benct Philip Jonsson <[log in to unmask]>:

> This is mainly directed at the Swedes on this list...
> Which of of the notations 2\ Y\ 8\ would
> you find most convenient/intuitive for the
> Swedish "long _u_", which in strict
> X-SAMPA is [2_w]?

For the purposes of transcribing Swedish, I'm partial to [8\], to emphasize
the connection to "short u" [8]. But from a purely phonetic POV, I guess [2\]
is preferable, since the sound articulatory is closest to [2].

In case anyone's forgotten, my 'lect does not have [2_w:] for this phoneme,
but [u\:]; a phone sensible enough to have its own IPA sign! :)

> I'm also mulling on which available Unicode
> character to use for this sound.  While it
> would be reasonably easy to fake Y\ as
> Latin Letter Small Capital Y Bar with the
> help of a combining diacritic I'm nevertheless
> leaning towards using lowercase Greek omega, as
> being most similar to the symbol for this sound
> in Svenska Landsmålsalfabetet -- essentially an
> M\ with a short middle leg.

I'd rather like the lowercase omega, myself.