--- Christopher Wright skrzypszy:

> I'm going nomail because I'm a thousand messages behind and can stand to
> miss five or six messages related to conlanging each day if it means I
> actually do some conlanging, and if it means I save six hours or more per
> week.

Well, you may always do as I (and many others AFAIK) do: go NOMAIL, and read
the messages that interest you online (either at or at In that way it is rather easy
to neglect the stuff you don't care for.

> a sample text in Fampónd /fam'pund/, just for the sake of ontopicness: [...]
> Cheraf menon li imenís rishnor li enya þála lanítáþ. Ashina lóm itisa ma
> atáþ. Maf cea seríás. Ia se erasítás. Corda atáþ. Idra ushatáþ. Enya
> ushcajirítáþ. Talan duc lasórá serásal aventáþ í ayensónd sojítán.

Very pretty!

> The good mother makes bean soup for the errant boy. It is thick and spicy.
> He likes it so. But the boy does not return. It is late. It is getting dark.
> The mother begins to worry. At ten o'clock, she calls the neighbors to
> search along the road.

But if Fampónd is a language of vampires, wouldn't the boy rather be eating
blood soup instead? And isn't he supposed to be home before 8:00 AM instead of
before it is getting dark?


"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito."

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