--- Ray Brown skrzypszy:

> > That's at least what I would do (and actually did; my page about
> > Hattic has evoked some discussions about the question whether it is true
> > or not).
> Ah, but you have the added advantage that there are already two actual
> unrelated _natlangs_ called Hattic as well!  So that must surely evoke
> discussion not only about whether it's true or not, but about whether
> it's the Siberian Hattic or the ancient Anatolian Hattic  - much more
> fun, as you say, especially for unwary Google searchers  :-)

*Two* natlangs? I must admit that this is totally new to me. I am astounded. I
know of course of Anatolian Hattic. But are you saying that there actually is
another Hattic, spoken in Siberia?

If that it so, I should perhaps rename the language after all... Two languages
of the same name is one thing; two languages of the same name spoken in one
country is another.


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