E f+AOk-sto Gary Shannon <[log in to unmask]>:
> Thus if I take the word "elevator" and replace all the
> vowels with a single generic placeholder: -l-v-t-r,
> there is no other word in the English language with
> that pattern. There are a few close, but not very
> close, calls:
> elevator    -l-v-t-r

Il+APo-vatar :x)

> elaborate   -l-b-r-t-

Actually "elaborate" adj. and "elaborate" v. have different vowels (for me
anyway) due to stress placement.

> If you were standing in the entry of an office
> building and someone gave you these directions
> verbally, you'd have no trouble understanding them:
> gay oop da stars ta zi tap flour, gay dune za hell ti
> di tard dur en za leeft, oopun za dour en gay rat own
> ensad.

Boot zi stars wall bi mardar en ma pour pows.  As zi eelivattar at ef

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