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> >Multiple people percieve the same object. In fact, one person will often
> >percieve the same object as other people.
>     Would you perceive a black phallic object the same way a Hindu would?
>     Dangerously loaded generalization _there_ that we all perceive things
> alike - one that Christophe might have something(s) to say about - being that
> he
> is quite scientific and has on a number of times pointed out how language
> itself creates a cultural bias becuz it creates a "cultural mindset" _and_
> many
> types of "individual mindsets"

I would almost certainly not perceive that linga-like thing the same as a
Hindu would.

But the notion that different people might possibly perceive the same object
differently presupposes the existence of objective reality - otherwise we
won't have any the same object, nor would the non-sameness of our perceptions
have any meaning.