Marty Rosenberg wrote:
(A belated welcome)
MR This is probably due to the fact that all logic works against any number system but our own for most practical uses. If I'm not mistaken, no other base can have any form of working decimal system.)
RM Decimocentric!!! My Gwr people will tell you that Base-8 works just fine (though I personally have trouble with the math).  But 1/4 is 0.20, 1/2 is 0.40 etc. I suppose 77/100 (i.e 63/64) converts to a meaningful base-10 figure, but I haven't tried it.... Among my favorites, 3-squared = 11, and 5-squared = 31.  Primes and Fibonacci numbers also look strange to our eyes.
MR Also, I appreciate the X-SAMPA chart..... So if anybody could give me some of the basic sounds, I would be very appreciative.
RM There's also a UCLA site, which I'll have to look up its URL at another time. And a Norwegian site, frustratingly slightly different-sounding...Actually I think both are included in the site (but that URL has recently changed too, I'm behind in the archive........)