What I have to say is not encouraging:

There's nothing for the Mac.

I've made do with two things:

(1) TypeTool: This is a font-making program that costs $99, but it's much less than $500 (which is what the next cheapest font-making software bundle costs).

(2) FileMaker Pro: A friend of mine gave me his copy of FileMaker Pro (which is NOT cheap), and, along with it, some data sheets he made, one of which is a sound-change simulator.  You can add your own sound changes and it will generate a list of random words for you--fully customizeable.

Other than that, I don't know what to tell you.  I don't know what programming is, much less how to make what people call a "program", so I can't do anything about the lack of Mac software.  There is tell, though, of a Mesiah that, one day, shall come forth, and free the Mac using conlangers of this earth, that we bask in the glory of the language-making technology currently horded by the evil Romans--I mean, P.C. users.