En réponse à Mark J. Reed :

>What exactly are you complaining about?  I must be missing some development
>in HTML.  I have no difficulty coding XHTML 1.0 by hand, for instance.

The header has become impossible to code by hand for me. Maybe I'm dense, 
but the syntax has become far too complex for me to decipher. I'm extremely 
against forcing the tags to be lowercase (that makes the code extremely 
difficult to read - I already have that complaint with XML anyway :) -). 
Moreover, I tried once to make a simple page in XHTML1.0+CSS to check how 
it worked. Although I made it exactly as indicated by some tutorial site, 
and although it was successfully validated at the site of W3C, it never 
showed up correctly, neither on IE nor on Opera (it just completely ignored 
the CSS). After this, I thought that it wasn't worth it. If it cannot be 
made simple enough that my small attempt, completely following the correct 
rules, would work out correctly, then it is flawed. It's of course just a 
personal opinion, but it is backed by personal experience.

Anyway, seen the size of my webpage, when would I find the time to update 
it to the current standards ? (especially since those same standards are 
moving forward so quickly that you just cannot humanly follow) And since I 
don't like to see mixings of programming styles, I just keep writing my 
pages the same way as I always did. I've never found a single browser that 
doesn't show them up as I intended, and I've checked it on many computers 
with many different operating systems and browsers :) . I did try using 
Tidy, but the result is awful, and the tool too complicated to handle well, 
especially with the little time I have. And although I use frames, it is 
completely accessible without them (at the time I first created the page 
though, there was nothing better than frames. CSS didn't exist yet).

My main problem is that the current standard, and for what I've seen the 
next too, has become so obscure that coding HTML is get out of reach of the 
casual user, i.e. to make HTML pages nowadays you are forced to take 
special courses. and to make it a profession.I have neither the time nor 
the will to do that. I just want to make simple webpages with mainly text 
and some links and sometimes a picture or two. As it is, I cannot do even 
that correctly in XHTML.

Christophe Grandsire.

You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.