En réponse ŕ Gary Shannon :

> >
> > Actually, my Hesperic family is a candidate for the
> > language
> > of ancient Atlantis.  My personal opinion about the
> > Atlantis myth
> > is that Atlantis was an ancient civilization that
> > existed on the
> > British Isles prior to the arrival of the Celts.

Sorry, I wanted to reply to Jörg but I erased his message by mistke :(( . I 
just wanted to mention Astou, a language I created nearly ten years ago, 
and which was spoken by people who could very well have been the origin of 
the Atlantis myth, since they did live on a big Island in the Atlantic 
Ocean and had quite an advanced civilisation for the time and disappeared 
in a cataclysm :)) . Funny enough, although I didn't know much about 
Tolkien at that time, I did exactly what he did: create the language, and 
then wrote a story containing it :)) .

As for the language, I decided of the position of its speakers for the main 
reason that it has nominal features similar to those found in Ancient Greek 
and Latin (3 genders, cases, etc...) but verbal features similar to what I 
knew of Quechua at the time (not much :)) ), i.e. a structure very 
un-european-like :) . And like Ebidesian (hoping the spelling is correct ;) 
), it doesn't have the simple 1st-2nd-3rd person structure we're accustomed 
to (namely, in the singular it only distinguishes ego versus non ego, and 
in the plural it makes strange distinctions that I myself never really 
understood :)) ).

I must say Astou is the first of my conlangs that was really accomplished, 
and thus holds a big place in my heart. I never got to show much of it because:
- I've been planning to revise it to update certain features that I find 
now a bit too "childish";
- I've not managed to find a transcription system that satisfies me. IIRC 
I've discussed about that on the list once, so by making a search for 
"Astou" in the archives you should find some references about it :) .

Christophe Grandsire.

You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.