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> Merhaba!
> Is it possible to use a 'focus' case where
> non-benefactives and non-prep.phrases (datives)
> are put into, and benefactives are formed some
> other way? For example: ''I gave him a gift = I
> gave a gift to him' - is that reasonably
> certainly dative?

It's "dative" because of the case of the noun (or
pronoun) is "dative". Whether that dative is used
with a preposition or is to be seen as
benefactive or some other fancy thing is entirely
up to you.

> And what are 'tritransitives'?

Add one to ditransitive! While I am no longer
convinced that ditransitive means just the
ability to take two objects, tritransitivity
would take three objects. If you can think of a
verb that requires a direct object an indirect
object and some third object (a time, a place, a
means, etc) then that would be tritransitive.

> How can I deal with em? (And
> note that there's only one preposition, so does
> that affect the benefactive's existence?)

Probably not. You can either use that one
preposition for everything or introduce some
other way of doing the work, like case endings.


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