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> Merhaba!
> I find XS and KB etc. very very ugly!

Well, the IPA and its asciifications are not
supposed to be pretty. They're supposed to tell
you, precisely, how to pronounce words!

> I mean,
> why the numbers and punctuation except because
> we're stuck with them?

Because there are a limited number of symbols
that would make sense to represent sounds. I can
make four or five different "R" sounds - but have
only two "R" symbols (r & R). Hence the need for
using other signs.

> Why not use, say, bh for
> /B/, lh for /K/, ng for /N/, ngg for /ng/,

Largely because IPA is a "one sign for one sound"
system. Your "ngg" would be read by everyone here
as /n.g.g/, three separate sounds.

As a _romanisation_, your system has merit and
has been used before. As a phonetic transcription
system, well, it kinda bites! ;)

> That's why
> I would like to create a uniform and more less
> ugly and tidier system...

Feel free to try! You're in good company, as most
of us fiddle around a little with one of the
standard systems. Most of the systems in use are
in fact quite tidy, once you come to understand
them. As for ugly, you might be looking in the
wrong place for beauty!


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