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> Quite - and the only natlangs actually
> descended from
> Classical Latin are ecclesiatical Latin,
> medieval Latin and
> the modern Latin of the Vatican - _all_ L2s.

Wouldn't they just be conlangs like their parent?
Especially if they were always L2 (unlike E-o
which is a conlang that in some instances is
becomming a L1 - its descendants would be
"naturalised" natual languages. I think.)

> The romance langs are all descended from
> 'Vulgar Latin', i.e. the
> Latin of the 'uulgus' or common people

Crape juugulem!


blaženi ništii duxom&#1100; &#283;ko t&#283;x&#1098; est&#1098; c&#283;sar&#1100;stvo nebes&#1100;skoe!
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