Roger Mills scripsit:

> Surely the capital gives a hint-- "yoo hoo, this is not a past tense!"
> :-)))   For a long time, when a lot younger, I thought "biped" and "misled"
> were [bajpt] and [majz@ld], though happily they were only in reading, not
> spoken, vocab.

Ah yes, the past tense of the verb "misle".  Some make it [majz@ld], as you
do, others speak (or narrowly avoid speaking) of [mIzlIng].

A fine example of misling, due to W.V.O. Quine:  An enterprising fellow
found himself stuck with a lot of salmon for canning which was pale white
rather than the canonical color, and which he feared would not sell.
He went ahead an canned it anyway, and then labeled every can as follows:
"This salmon guaranteed not to turn pink in the can."

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