> >         I know who I want to take me home.

In Silindion this would be:

irisi       tein      yoninisi         manyellosis

iri-si "I know"  (iD-, in-yello, iri-n, eiri-)
tei-nu    "the one + dative" (pronoun, animate)
yo-nini-si "who I desire" (nin-, nin-iello, nini-n,

(the yo- is the actual relative particle, it agrees in
animacy with the preceding pronoun)

manyello-sis "to bring me" (maD-, man-yello, mand-e,

(-sis is an enclitic)

ivanna "to home"  (allative of ivan "house, home")

In Nindic the same would be something like:

herchai io ninai nefeddi yth noth chelmad i.

herch-ai "I know"
io       "whom" (objective relative)
nin-ai    "I want"
nefedd-i  "to bring"
yth       "me"
 (some dialects have _fi_, others _hwy_, others _i_,
this is an aspect in which Nindic is rather broken up)
noth "to"
chelmad  "the house" (form of -celm-)
i      "my"

Elliott Lash

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