On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 05:59:43PM +0000, Joe wrote:
> The same with /U/ vs /V/ - which, though widespread, is not
> represented in written English.

It most certainly is.  /pUt/ and /pVt/ are spelled differently, as are
/lUk/ and /lVk/, /bUk/ and /bVk/ . . . I can't think of any /U/ vs /V/
minimal pairs in English which are homographs.

> Perhaps we should use cool dutch-style double letters.  'graas'(grass)
> and 'puut'(put), for instance.

Is <grass> [grA:s] in your dialect, then, or are you proposing <aa> for
[&]?  Doubled vowels for a shorter sound is a bit odd.