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> > And as far as language as a function of being
> > Scottish is concerned, I hope that Doric and
> > Norn won't be neglected in the paper!
> I'm afraid they will:-( I have little material
> about them and *very* little
> time... My original plan was to write about
> Gaelic, Scots and Shetlandic,
> but I've decided to concentrate only on the two
> clear-cut macro-identities,
> i.e. Celtic vs. Anglo-Saxon:-(

Well, you've got it in there, then, just under a
different name! Doric is just modern A-S! ;) I
don't like to use "Scots", though it's perfectly
legit. Too many people confuse it with Scots


â-dim peresatî Zarathustrô: ko-nare ahî?  yim azem vîshpahe a&#331;hêuš
astvatô sraêštem dâdaresa.

â-dim prcchat Jarathustrah: ko nara asi? yam aham vî&#347;vasya âsoh
asthivatah &#347;restham dadar&#347;a.

ççoç peparcti Çaratostariyyas: his hanaras ossta? icom acâ,
alohostanoççexomes, takam maxamâsanar a-hawisesâ.
    -- Yasna ix


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