John Cowan wrote:

> Thomas Leigh scripsit:
> > Drinking: assuming this to mean alcoholic beverages,
> We did not, indeed, suppose that you were lichenous rather than
> > Caffeine: Soda and sometimes tea. I don't like coffee (foul,
> > hideous-tasting stuff).
> What always surprises me about coffee is the wonderful smell contrasted
> with the, as you say, hideous taste.

Well, as a coffee drinker I kind of agree.  Smell is wonderful.  Taste not
much, but if any, I rather have a sugar-free double esspresso as I do love
the aftertaste.

Hmmm.  when I decide to reply this I took a coffee candy and I am just
enjoying it...

-- Carlos Th
   who things that the coffee you normaly get in Colombia (tinto as we call
it) neither smells nor tastes good.  We have a fine coffee growing culture,
unfortunately we lack a coffee consuming culture... :-\