Joe wrote:

>> Quoting Barbara Barrett <[log in to unmask]>:
>>> Barbara Babbles;
>>> Not certain about [h/], but it's in there if you can get the Bahrain
>>> channel
>>> on your satellite sevice and listen to Arabic being spoken.
>>> [h] final and the glottal stop [?] can be heard in english accents
>>> such as
>>> Irish and London.
>>> "Magrath" is pronounced as /ma grah/ or sometimes /ma?grah/. Londoners
>>> replace post volic [t] with [?] so "hot" becomes /h;@?/ and "butter"
>>> becomes
>>> /b;v?3:/
> Surely [hQ?], and [bV?3].  And not confined to London, either.  In the
> younger genaration, this has spread word-finally all over England,
> especially the southeast.

 [bV?3] not [bV?@]?

and what does [;] the semicolon mean?

David Barrow