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Subject: Re: OT-ish:Conlang Census

> Where did you first smell coffee.
> I personally don't like the smell of coffee and probably couldn't convince
> myself to taste it anyway. With the problems I start having when I'm too
> close to it, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm alergic to it.
> My father loves the smell of coffee, but then his father used to drink it
> it's associated with mornings growing up in his mind.
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> Oh well, I don't like coffee as I said, but I like the smell of it. Weird.

Where I first smelled coffee - at home, of course. My parents usually both
drink a cup of coffee in the morning and one or two in the afternoon, as
long as I can remember. They always use coffee powder, not beans - so
nothing special. I tasted coffee some years ago and retasted it from time to
time, but I still do not like it. Nevertheless, I like black tea (don't know
what type etc.) with some milk and some sugar, of course not too bitter, so
I only let the teabag swim in the cup for about a minute or so. Adults often
say about coffee when I tell them I dislike its taste - don't know how to
translate ... but it's something like "you'll learn to [like its taste] when
you're older" if you think closer about it.

quoting BP Jonsson:
> Spends too much time with?
> The computer.

Yes, me too.

quoting Andreas Johansson:
> I think you got a tall class!
> Added to to do list: Find out average height of young male Germans.
> not by measuring them all myself.
>                                                              Andreas

;) How nice of you to want to prove that I'm not too small... I meant "tall
classmates", yes. Most are between 1.75m and 1.80m I'd guess after paying
more attention to that today.

Carsten Becker