On Saturday, January 24, 2004, at 07:40 AM, Philippe Caquant wrote:


> - Haec est a╬ronavis 'Alpha Delta' vocans Novi Eboraci
> a╬roportum ! Quemadmodum me audis ?
> - A╬ronavis 'Alpha Delta' a Novi Eboraci a╬roportu: te
> valde et clare audio. Unde venis et quo vadis ?
> - Novum Eboracum ab A.D.: Londinio Novum Eboracum,
> altitudine pedum triginta milia, cursu duo, septem,
> quinque), in nubibus volans.
> - A.D. a N.E.: Radari contingeris...
> etc, etc.
> But we'd better no joke on that subject by now, I
> don't want to end in jail...

OK - some of the vocab's modern, of course, but the
Latin's grammatical!

It ain't 'Dog Latin', which must be
barbarous - just plain ol' modern Latin, official in the
Vatican City, if nowhere else.

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