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> --- Thomas R. Wier skrzypszy:
> >(14) Favorite color:

As said, if I have to chose one, blue. But I really prefer different colours
for different things. My clothes tend to be blue, black, green or grey.

> >(15) Birthday:

17th Jan '82. Got a linguistics textbook in German for my 22th birthday from my
friends here. Neat.

> >(16) Conlanging since:

About '96, depending a bit on how strictly we define conlanging. Been doing
imaginary worlds, or 'coniverses', since I do not remember. The oldest one I
can recall anything of was a kind of fictionalized Mesozoic Era from
about '89/'90 - it featured pterosaurs with ruined wings prominently.

> >(17) Other hobbies:

Computer strategy games (chiefly Civilization III), astronomy/cosmology,
history (as the recent thread re: inorodtsy should attest), SF/F.

> >(18)  Favorite music/artists:

Oh, that varies. Lately, I've been listening alot to Blackmore's Night and to
Hammerfall. Consider myself to have fairly unrefined tastes in this regard.

> >(19) Favorite book:

Got to be The Silmarillion, I guess. Also like LotR alot, of course, as well as
the first Dune book. Non-fiction, various history books - anyone interested in
military history should be checking out Keegan's A History of Warfare.

> >(20) How'd I get to the list?

 Got on the list in '98 or '99, being introduced by Daniel Andreasson after
mentioning Tairezazh on Elfling (which list I left after it started developing
in a way I don't like after FotR was released).

> >(22) Smoker/Alcoholic?

As said, alcoholically I drink mostly beer. Sometimes cocktails, don't much
like wine. Unlike some people I know, I never drink to get stoned.

Non-alcoholically, I'm a moderately heavy coffee drinker - 2-3 cups a day,
usually. Otherwise mostly water. Rather like (non-diet!) Coke, but for some
reason rarely end up drinking any.

Never ever smoked anything, and as mentioned I'm pretty sensitive to tobacco
smoke, even if it's got better.