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> When I was in Scotland -- and associating with militant Scots
> activists :-) -- I was given to understand that Shetlandic was
> one of the dialects of Scots.

It largerly depends on your point of view... see John Cowan's mail. This is
the main reason which led me to concentrate on Gaelic and Scots, btw.

> Though now, in more than one
> place, I've seen it classified as a separate entity. Either of
> you know more about that? I'm curious.
> > > but I've decided to concentrate only on the two
> > > clear-cut macro-identities,
> > > i.e. Celtic vs. Anglo-Saxon:-(
> >
> > Well, you've got it in there, then, just under a
> > different name! Doric is just modern A-S! ;)

Ooops;-) I'd seen Scots and Lallans...

> By the wey, Padraic, I didna ken ye haed sic an interest in the
> guid mither tung! Hou braw it is tae ken thair's ither fowk oot
> thair on wir wee listie apairt fae masel at appreiciates hit! :)

A'm louin Scots an A'm wantin tae lear hit;-) Hope I got it... richt;-)

> Have you seen the Luath Scots Language Learner by Colin Wilson?
> ( It's the first
> serious "teach yourself" type textbook for Scots. I think it's
> quite good. And it's based on northeast Scots, i.e. Doric! :)
> Check it out.

My main source on Scots is Great site. also offers
noteworthy audio files.

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> Sgrìobh Luca:
> > > I'd be very interested to see this paper
> > > when it's done!
> >
> > I'll send you a copy, if you're interested...
> Yes, please! I would love to read it.

I've just "finished" writing in. I know it's far from complete, but I have
to hand it in tomorrow:-( I'll send you a copy soon...