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> > Any explanation for the spelling "Ahnold", btw? Is he non-rhotic?
> Yes.  Have you not heard the man speak?  What planet are you on? :)

It's years since I saw any of his films, and, for reasons unconnected, I
essentially stopped seeing the TV news (or any TV at all) 'fore the entire
governor of California affair, so it's very  long since I heard the guy.

> He has a very thick Austrian accent; his English is non-rhotic among
> other things.  It's fairly common in the US to refer to him as just
> "Ahnold" ['A::nl=d], no surname required with that pronunciation.
> It's distinguished even from the usual non-rhotic pronunciation of
> "Arnold"; I believe the vowel quality of the <a> is different
> (maybe [A] vs [a]?), but its quantity is definitely extra-long in
> "Ahnold".

Back in my circles home in Sweden, he's on of a very select group of famous
people who are usually refered to by a cutifying nickname, in his case "Arnie".

Others are "Nappe", "Krusse" and "Julle". Bonus points for identifying those!

Rough pronunciations: ['A:n`I], ['napE], ['kr8sE], ['j8lE].