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>я учусь - ja uchus' - I'm learning,
>я учу / изучаю английский (язык) - ja uchu / izuchaju anglijskij (jazyk) -
>learning/studying English

This should really be another topic, but those examples made me suddenly
curious about Russkii morphology.  I take it that the -s' in "ja uchus' -
I'm learning" is a suffix; what does it mean?  Is iz- a prefix?  What is
the -aj for?  I know that -u is the 1st person singular suffix (from PIE -
o:).  Would the infinitive be uchat'?

>G-d forbid! себя - sebja - is Acc., adcentral version needs Dat.:
>я куплю СЕБЕ машину - ja kuplju *sebe* mashinu.

So a literal translation would be "I buy for myself car," equivalent to
colloquial English "I'm buyin' me a car"?

>He. _vekara ze el ze veamar_ 'and (each one) was crying one to another and

What's the literal translation?

- Rob