Quoting Isaac Penzev <[log in to unmask]>:

> Usually I don't take part in YAEPT threads, but discussing spelling is
> interesting. Russian (Soviet) linguistics has acquired great experience in
> designing alphabets and orthography rules for many unwritten languages of
> ex-USSR. They often used the interdialectary principle you mentioned in your
> msg. Remapping phonemes for different dialects while reciting or oral
> comprehension is really eazy.

Near as I can tell, you've been consistently spelling "easy" with a 'z'
lately. Any partic'lar reason?

> I know it from my own experience of
> interpreting
> for too many various Anglophones. I tried to design a regularised English
> spelling when I was a schoolboy. Maybe I'll show it to y'all one day.

If we still had conlang polls, the next one would have ought to be "have you
ever tried designing a regularized spelling for English?". I suspect over 50%

I was intending to include a meta-comment on the verbal cluster the the first
sentence of the above paragraph, to the effect it robs anglophones of the
right to complain about lengthy verb strings in German (and Swedish, for that
matter), but refrained to, since on further reflection I'm not positive it's
kosher English. So I'll content myself with a meta-meta-comment.