Mark J. Reed wrote:

>On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 09:44:52PM -0600, Nik Taylor wrote:
>>I've always wondered, how do you specify the reflexive meaning if
>>needed?  How would you describe a situation where, say, a group of
>>people each, individually, look in a mirror?
>By recasting to be explicit - "each sees him/herself in the mirror",
>for instance: "cada se ve en el espejo".
Not quite

el uno al otro  =   each  other
can be added if clarification is needed

Se ven en el espejo = they see themselves in the mirror
Se ven el uno al otro = they see each other

cada is an adjective not a pronoun

cada uno se ve en el espejo = each (one) sees him/herself in the mirror
not they see themselves in the mirror (as a group)

besides the distinction is only needed in the plural

yo me veo,   tu  te  ves, Úl/ella se ve can only be reflexive

nosotros nos vemos, ustedes/ellos/ellas se ven, vosotros os veis  can be
reflexive or reciprocal

David Barrow