E f+AOk-sva:
>> Most conlangs have a tendency to start out phonetically spelled, and to
>> resist borrowings, and lack extensive dialexy, so the conditions that
>> give birth to nonphonetic orthographies just dont occur as often.


There should exist dialects of my Kirumb that have "impoverished"
The standard alphabet spells these phonemes:
     /a(:) b g d e(:) v dZ h t i(:) k l m n s u f C r S tS N y p x u: z/

Already vowel length is not distinguished, except in /u/, and some, such
as the precursor of Atlantic, that borrow a graph for /e:/.

The "impoverished" alphabet would have,
     /a(:) b g d e(:) v dZ h t i(:) k l m n s u(:) C f r S tS/

...and use |n| or |g| for /N/, possibly |i| for /y/, possibly |b| or |f|
for /p/ (but /p/ is a borrowed phoneme anyway, it might not be needed
here), |h| for /x/, |u| for /u:/, and probably |C| for /z/.  (|C| was
usually only used as a variant of |s|, since Kirumb didnt have |C|.)

Modern spoken Atlantic hasn't got anything more exotic than silent |h| and
some silent final |e| and |E|, and using the graph for /v/ in spelling /o/
and /o:/.

ObConlang Part Deux!

I'm absolutely at a loss at how to spell Ibran, and even Old Ibran has
phones I'm stumped by.  I'll hafta throw together a post on it soon.

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