--- John Cowan skrzypszy:

> Cool stuff.  I recognize some of this from your earliest W. efforts.

Thanks. And yes, originally I hesitate between a Polish and a Czech
orthography. When I can't choose, I usually take both. ;)

> There's this guy in Poland who sometimes sends me (Ghu knows why)
> Czhangish kind of stuff, mostly in English with bits of Polish mixed in.
> I usually reply with a Wenedyk sentence from one of your web pages:
> he probably thinks, "What is this?  It's obviously my native language,
> but I understand nothing!"  Come to think of it, I haven't heard from
> him in a while.

Out of curiosity, may I ask which sentence you used for that?
Oh, and if you want something else translated into Wenedyk, don't hesitate to
ask me!


 --- Andreas Johansson skrzypszy:

> Is there any European language-group that has not had Latin mangled
> (magelled?) thru it's sound-changes? Can't recally seeing turco-romance or
> basquo-romance yet ...

In Europe? Oh, there's still a lot of work left. I don't think someone has ever
tried Balto-Romance, Finno-Romance, Magyaro-Romance, Dutcho-Romance... And
what's more worrying, I've never seen any serious effort to create a
OTOH, we do have Irano-Romance, Indo-Romance, Hebraeo-Romance, Sino-Romance...

> Possibly interesting exercise: Run Latin thru the sound-changes 'tween
> Classical Klaish and Tairezazh. Lemme see, might "language construction" be
> _constructio linguae_ in Latin?

My intuition says: rather "constructio linguarum".

> That would tairezanize as _ktstrukti ling_,
> or something like that. Most of the fun would be in killing pre-stress
> _demonstrandum_>_tptstrandun_.

Ouch! That reminds me: we don't have any Georgian-Romance either!
I wouldn't have anything against seeing some more samples, I should add.

Oh, and Andreas, what a pity that you can't come to Zaandam. I sincerily hope
you can make it at some later point.


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