Quoting Carsten Becker <[log in to unmask]>:

> > Added to to do list: Find out average height of young male Germans.
> Preferably
> > not by measuring them all myself.
> >
> >                                                              Andreas
> ;) How nice of you to want to prove that I'm not too small... I meant "tall
> classmates", yes. Most are between 1.75m and 1.80m I'd guess after paying

Some googling, and I found a reliable-looking page, according to which average
adult male height in German is 174.5cm. It would be slightly higher among
younger men. Average adult female height 163.5cm.

Also found a multitude of unreliable-looking pages selling possibly legal
stuff that is supposed to make you grow taller. The internet's wonderful ...

Also found out that Arnie's a mere 1.88cm. Always thought of him as _very_
tall, but apparently not.