Ditransitive verbs - Verbs that can take two objects

Boil -  Boil me an egg.
 Boil an egg for me.

Burn  = record onto a writable CD or DVD.
 Can you burn me a CD?
 Can you burn a CD for me?

Bung [Infl] = throw
 Bung me the ball.

The other verbs are:
Buy, Call, Cook (and all kinds of cooking), Consider, Cry, Fetch, Find,
Fry, Give, Hand, Hold, Leave, Lend, Lob, Offer, Pass, Post, Provide, Read,
Send, Scribble, Serve, Show, Suggest, Teach, Tell, Think, Throw, Write.

I havenít quite gone into this deeply enough, but it seems that a word that
is nearly synonyms to a verb that is ditransitive is also ditransitive.

Iím not sure, but this list might include every English Ditransitive verb.