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> > Possibly interesting exercise: Run Latin thru the sound-changes 'tween
> > Classical Klaish and Tairezazh. Lemme see, might "language construction"
> be
> > _constructio linguae_ in Latin?
> My intuition says: rather "constructio linguarum".

That'd >_ktstrukti lingarun_.

> > That would tairezanize as _ktstrukti ling_,
> > or something like that. Most of the fun would be in killing pre-stress
> vowels;
> > _demonstrandum_>_tptstrandun_.
> Ouch! That reminds me: we don't have any Georgian-Romance either!
> I wouldn't have anything against seeing some more samples, I should add.

Well, my Latin isn't that good. Lemme see ...

vir > eir, assuming the 'i' is long, else _ir_.

femina > fenin

Iulius > Oulius (again assuming the vowel is long)

benedictus > bdiktus

incredibilis > dgzdbeilis, if the stress is where I think. Else _dgzd(e)ibilis_

> Oh, and Andreas, what a pity that you can't come to Zaandam. I sincerily
> hope
> you can make it at some later point.

Me too!