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> > The Vulgate is written in Classical Latin, or
> at least Jerome's best rendering
> > of it.  It is not written in common people's
> Latin, but rather is the Bible
> > for common people, those who had no Hebrew or
> Greek.
> Oh!  Well, that makes sense, of course!  In the
> 300s, nobody wrote the
> language they spoke; writing was a completely
> separate activity, limited
> to the extremely educated, and learning to
> write was learning another
> language.  Something which didn't really change
> until Dante had the
> audacity to write in Italian instead of Latin.
> Nevertheless, despite knowing this, I had been
> led astray by the
> name "Vulgate" and have long believed it to
> have been written in
> the vulgar Latin.  Thanks for setting me
> straight.

A strange quirk is the name of that text. Apart
from there being two Vulgates (Old and New), the
name was borrowed from the Latin name of the
Septuagint, which itself was called Vulgate on
account of it being written in Greek, the vulgar
tongue of the Jews that used the text.


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