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> >Victor, the radically insane,  says:
> >I loved the "ais kacang" when I was in Singapore.
> It had those doughy
> >green blobs in it.  In the Philippines, there is
> some similar Ice-Dessert-
> >for-the-Masses called "halo-halo" (literally,
> "mix-mix"), which has ice,
> >milk, sweet beans, custard (leche flan), nata de
> coco (coconut jelly),
> Child, you sick.
> >ube
> >(mashed purple yam), among other things.
> That'd be "taro". Taro stuff is nasty no matter what
> medium is
> involved. Purple yam kinda says it all.
> >There is a similar "dezaato" in
> >Japan too; beautiful plastic look-alike
> forever-fresh incarnations are
> >displayed in front of the restaurants.
> There *is* hope with "dezaato". Azuki beans are
> nasty. "Bing" or
> "koori" are good if you know the toppings to select.
> "Wu mei" in
> Taiwan totally rock.
> Kou

You be trippin!  You canNOT have chuabing without the
yutou!  And the hongdou and ximilu.  Everything else
is optional except the coconut meat and the eyeballs.


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