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> > Anyone interested in comparison can pick up
> > the
> > "Celtic Gospels" (Oxford), which is one of
> > the Old Latin forms.
> Know how to get a hold of a copy?

Acutally, I just did a search at Amazon under
books for "Celtic Gospels" (by Hopkins - james)
and it came up, so you should have no trouble
ordering a copy.

> > > There is simply no way he could have used
> > > Vulgar Latin; there was no standard form.
> >
> > Well, he could have - and it would have been
> a
> > boon for all the North African Romance
> > conlangers! ;) I mean, when Dante wrote,
> there
> > was no standard Italian either!
> >
> > Padraic.
> You bet your baby's pink booties it would!  Oh,
> I'd
> love to get hold of a good source on North
> African Vulgar Latin!

Let us know if you ever do!

> Indjindrud edjuebu ul Aram ad ul Aminadab.
> Indjindrud edjuebu ul Aminadab ad ul Naason.
> Indjindrud edjuebu ul Naason ad ul Salmon.
> Indjindrud edjuebu ul Salmon djal Ragava ad ul
> Boez.  Indjindrud edjuebu ul Boez djal Ruda ad
> ul Obed fin indjindrud edjuebu ad ul Jesai.
> Indjindrud edjuebu ul Jesai ad ul Davidu ul
> regu.
> Machu 1:4-5

Aras autem genuit aminadab aminadab autem genuit
nason nasson autem genuit salmon salmon autem
genuit boz derahab boz autem autem genuit obeth
exruth Obeth autem genuit iesse :: Iesse autem
genuit dauid regem

That was easy! Try this one:

Uidens autem ihs/ turbas ascendit inmontem et
cumsedisset accesserunt adeum discipuli eius et
aperuit ossuum et docebat eos dicens :: Beati
pauperes sp/u qm/ ipsorum est regnum caelorum
Beati mites quoniam ipsi possedebunt terram Beati
qui lucent nunc qm/ ipsi consulabuntur Beati qui
esuriunt et sitiunt iustitiam quoniam ipsi

And when you've got that one, try this:

Un'% ds/ & n/ e/ ali' p/t eu/


blaženi ništii duxom&#1100; &#283;ko t&#283;x&#1098; est&#1098; c&#283;sar&#1100;stvo nebes&#1100;skoe!
    -- Mt.5:3


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