Barbara Barrett scripsit:

> >As this virus attacks networks perhaps our listserver has become
> >infected?

The listserv machine does not run Windows and can't become infected.
So far it has successfully rejected virus-laden email messages as well;
however, if it forges the name of a well-known person who happens to
be a member of the list (*ahem*), some copies may slip through.

Peter Bleackley scripsit:

> The Mydoom virus seems to like disguising itself as bounce messages. It
> then claims for some spurious reason that the mailserver can't send your
> original message as plain text and that it has to send it as an
> attachment.

In addition, it generates perfectly legitimate bounce-o-grams from systems
that see it as a virus and try to warn the infected sender.  Unfortunately,
the sender's name is forged, so the wrong person gets the warning.  This
is happening to me constantly, and my mail never even touches Windows,
so I know I'm not infected.

And the delays in freeing the list have nothing to do with the virus;
it's just that I occasionally get a life.

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