En réponse à Aquamarine Demon :

>Not really knowing what progressive aspect is (I can wager a guess, 
>though... "I am eating" is it, at least...), I can at least tell you that 
>in French, "I eat" and "I am eating" (je mange) are the same thing. In my 
>3+ years of studying French (and I'm fairly competent in it...), I've 
>never encountered a correctly French way to express "I am eating" that 
>differentiates itself from "I eat". It may be confusing, mais c'est la vie.

Believe me, it's not confusing at all :)) . Also, you seem to forget the 
existence of the expression "être en train de", which indicates progressive 
aspect. But due to its length, it has quite a strong progressive meaning 
which fits only some cases of use of the English progressive aspect (namely 
when you insist on the idea of an on-going action).

Christophe Grandsire.

You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.