John wrote:

And the delays in freeing the list have nothing to do with the virus;
it's just that I occasionally get a life.>>

The list needs to be released when over 100 messages are sent in a single 24 hour period.  Previously, it had been I think as high as 300 (am I right on that?), but it was reduced to 100 because 300 (and even 150) was just too many messages for any person with anything else to do to go through in a single day.  Part of the reason that the list has been getting held lately, I think, is because there have been tons of one-line e-mails.  In order to prevent the list from being held again, we might try to:

(1) Send one e-mail that has a bunch of thoughts, rather than five or six that have five or six independent thoughts.
(2) Send one general response e-mail, responding to as many e-mails as you want to respond to.

This is not new info for most of the people on CONLANG, but it might be for some of the new arrivals.