En réponse à Roger Mills :

>However-- and I know this has come up before, and been shot down for various
>reasons--- Why not increase the daily limit?

Because many of us couldn't handle it and would have to go nomail (me 
included. I already have a hard time handling the traffic when it's quiet).

>  During the many times of low
>traffic it wouldn't make any difference (or would it? I don't know how
>list-management works....),

But the problem is not during the periods of low traffic.

>  and during the few times of high traffic it
>would prevent blockages.

I actually am happy of those blockages. They allow me to breathe a little 
in those periods of high traffic.

>  Thus, we subscribers could receive a continuous
>flow of Pearls of Wisdom , and H.E. the Lord of the Instrumentality could
>enjoy his Life unimpeded.

For all those reasons above I disagree with the changing of the daily 
limit. I know how talkative we are, and we would eventually manage to block 
the list whatever daily limit we put in. But how many people would have 
left in between for lack of time to handle it?

Christophe Grandsire.

You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.