On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 12:51:58PM -0500, David Sewell wrote:
>   Also, for what it's worth, I'm using tei-emacs on a PC (windows)
>   system, and it gets unwieldy with file sizes over 100k.  I haven't
>   figured out how to increase it's limit, or if that's even possible, so
>   it's easier for me  to work with smaller files.
> Obviously that makes it impossible to put a single volume into a single
> TEI.2 element as desired. I don't use Emacs (and if I did it wouldn't be
> under Windows anyway); can anyone familiar with the Windows-based
> version give me any advice to pass along?

there are no limits in Emacs per se, and its often used with
multi-megabyte files. I find the report very surprising indeed - this
is one of the last criticisms I'd expect to hear about Emacs.

I'd want to hear more about what the person is doing,
and how he measures "unwieldy".

Ah. Maybe the person is using Emacs in nxml-mode with large
unstructured files? that can be  cumbersome, depending on the
degree of unstructuredness. I suggest they switch to the old emacs
mode, if so, while doing basic markup (M-x xml-mode).