At 04:19 PM 2/13/2004, you wrote:
>Ahh, I fear that I came from way out in left field.  My bad.
>You (and Julia) are absolutely right in saying that the binding
>order is perfectly clear when going top down with a parser.  For
>a variety of reasons to get what I need, I've been thinking about
>this as streams rather than trees, so getting a set div hierarchy
>is really useful.

Yes, there it would be!

For better or worse, however, we now live in the Arboreal Age, and have
these parsers. Stream-based processing still has a multitude of important
applications, but I think most of the really important ones (that is, the
ones that go to providing more than mere operational efficiencies) will be
outside XML-space. And probably not explored until XML-space has been well
mapped out -- when we get to handling overlapping hierarchies properly, for
example. In that kind of a world it's really impossible to define nesting
without explicit markers of some kind.


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