If English become auxiliar language for Europe that is not a bad thing. It is enough international and you can use it where ever you go in Europe with people who have studied in school (unlike Alexander Xavier Newhouse Sunday who no appear to have studied any thing in school, o maybe no pay attention like his teacher say). Why is James Chandler afraid of English. Is not English your native language? Of what are you afraid? 

James Chandler <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

By Failure I mean that we will fail to get a planned IAL into widespread
use, leaving the door wide open for a national language (probably English)
to become the Global Common Language. I do believe that sooner or later
there will be such a common language (having thought about the problem quite
deeply) but that does not mean all other languages will be abandoned. At
least, not at first - although this may be the long-term consequence of a
Global Common Language (especially, I tend to think, if that language is

Kordiale, James Chandler
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