On Wed, Feb 04, 2004 at 09:12:00PM -0500, Trebor Jung wrote:
> Merhaba!
> I've got ANOTHER question... Are there any languages that pluralize
> (e.g.) nouns with prefixes?

Ebisedian is one. Plural number is marked by the prefix _3-_, whilst
nullar number is marked by the prefix _my'-_. The Tamahi equivalents are
_h3-_ and _mi'_, respectively.

Some examples:
		Ebisedian			Tamahi
Singular	biz3tai' [biz@\ta"?i]		bistai' [bIs"taj]
Plural		3biz3tai' [?@\biz@\ta"?i]	h3bistai' [h@\bIs"taj]
Nullar		my'biz3tai ["mybiz@\ta?i]	mi'bistai ["mibIstaj]

Singular	ky'ri ["kyr`i]			ki'ri ["kir`I]
Plural		3kyroi' [?@\kyr`o"?i]		h3kiroi' [h@\ki"roI]
Nullar		my'kyri ["mykir`i]		mi'kiri ["mikIr`I]

Singular	jhiti' [Zi"ti]			ti' ["ti]
Plural		3jhiti' [?@\Zi"ti]		h3sti' [h@\s"ti]
Nullar		my'jhiti ["myZiti]		mi'sti ["mistI]

Don't know about natlangs, though. :-)


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