>Could anyone give me a list of the possible combinations of Arabic infixed
vowels and affixes, and their meanings, or a list of necessary concepts if
one was to create a language based on triconsonantalism.

Well well, here are some patterns I've learnt on the three-radical f'l root:

1 maF'aL = place where root is performed
maDRaS = school = place where you DaRaSa = study
maKTaB = office = place where you KaTaBa = write
ma RaB = bar = place where you  aRiBa = drink

2 Fa'aLa = Perfect form of verb, second vowel can be a, i or u
3 Fa''aLa = Causative form of (2)

4 yaF'iLu = Imperfect form, second vowel can be a,i,u

5 Fu'uuL = Verbal Noun (maSdar)

6 Fa'iiL = Adjective
JaMiiL = beautiful
JaDiiD = new

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