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> On Sat, 7 Feb 2004, Nik Taylor wrote:
> > English (at least American English, don't
> > know about other forms) does
> > odd things with money.  $1.50 can be read "a
> > dollar fifty" or
> > "one-fifty" while $2.50 can be read "two
> > dollars and fifty cents" (less
> > common) or "two-fifty" (most common).  That
> > is, when "dollar" is plural,
> > you have to use "and" and "cents".  :-)
> For the record, 'two dollars fifty' is
> perfectly fine in Australia. In
> fact, to my ear, 'two dollars and fifty cents'
> sounds hypercorrect and
> certainly not something I'd expect to hear.

"Two and a half dollars" is also quite OK in
Merkin; though I am sure there can be some
regional variation on the theme. And "a quarter
eagle", amongst a certain set, is also 100%

Technically, "two dollars and five dimes" would
also be correct, but unheardof. Mind you, I have
written cheques in terms of dimes rather than
cents on the odd occasion.


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