I agree with list blocking. 100 messages a day is
quite a lot - but if there are 100 contributors,
that's just one message a day each, which is
frustrating ! I had a (probably wrong ?) idea: why not
split the list into 2 different ones, one about
phonology and the other about syntax, semantics and
others ? The majority of the messages I see are about
phonology, and although I can very well understand
that people can get passionated about that topic, it's
just not my "cup of tea" and I regularly delete them
after just a glance (even if sometimes I regret it
just after deleting).

I'm also a little bit perplex when receiving OT (or
not OT) messages about exotic food or beverages. Uh,
well, maybe it's a tradition here ? (I'm new and know
little), but I thought the general themes were about
linguistics, one way or another ?

But OK, I can try to condense my own messages to
answer several points together, even if the threads
might be a little hard to follow sometimes... And from
now on, I won't utter a word until the list is
released. I'm a responsible citizen, after all.

--- Roger Mills <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> John Cowan wrote:
> > And the delays in freeing the list have nothing to
> do with the virus;
> > it's just that I occasionally get a life.
> >
> The list blockages have at least one benefit:  they
> cause us all to pause
> and think, "is this response necessary?"
> However-- and I know this has come up before, and
> been shot down for various
> reasons--- Why not increase the daily limit? During
> the many times of low
> traffic it wouldn't make any difference (or would
> it? I don't know how
> list-management works....), and during the few times
> of high traffic it
> would prevent blockages. Thus, we subscribers could
> receive a continuous
> flow of Pearls of Wisdom , and H.E. the Lord of the
> Instrumentality could
> enjoy his Life unimpeded.

Philippe Caquant

"Le langage est source de malentendus."
(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

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