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> For those of you who'd rather take the soft
> option, go to
> .
> But I must say that
> the template "X?  X??  We don't need no
> [stiNkiN] X!" has some
> currency, and is used by people who don't know
> the original context
> -- like me, until about five minutes ago.

Same. I can only guess that the original
character was Spanish speaking (on account of the
pronunciation). I guess the title could give that
away as well, but I only just heard of the movie
now! While I've generally heard [stINkn] in this
context, I've heard the other a couple times as


k‚su Ůomklyu tsrasi&#347;&#347;i &#347;šk kšlymentwam!
    -- Punyavantaj‚taka


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