It's not impossible. I use a software (Pick) including
3 dimensions in the whole of it. Every record can be
divided in (any number of) attributes, every attribute
in values, every value in sub-values. That makes 3
dimensions. There are special characters to separate
attributes, values and sub-values, respectively
char(254), char(253) et char(252); char(255) being
end-of-file. The whole system works on that principle.
Of course, if you look at a record on your screen, it
will appear only in 2 dimensions: attributes are
figured as lines, and in every line you see something
like ] separating the values, and \ separating the

But I think one day we will have a 3-dimensional
Windows, or Excel. THAT will be exciting. Hey Mr
Gates, what are you waiting for ? 3-dimensional
screens, maybe.

(And another idea, before I get thrown out because I
posted too much already: why not launching an Excel
software with hexagonal cells, instead of stupid
squares ? The bees have found it a long time ago. Mr
Gates, this idea if free of any royalties. Go on !)

--- Ray Brown <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> And even writing in 3-dimensions is going to be a
> challenge. Practically
> all human writing is plain ol' 2-dimensional stuff
> representing linear,
> 1-dimensional spoken languages.
> Now that'd be a real challenge.

Philippe Caquant

"Le langage est source de malentendus."
(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

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