--- Gary Shannon <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> As I understood the request is was for different
> idioms in different languages that mean roughly the
> same thing.  One language might say "He's pulling my
> leg" and another might say "he's hanging noodles on
> my
> ear" or "he's hiding the cat", but all three idioms
> have the same underlying idiomatic meaning,
> regardless
> of what nonsense literal meaning they have.

Thanks, Gary. Actully, since I apparently was'nt clear
enough - language=bah!)  What I wanted was somewhere
inbetween - namely that very short list where literal
terms and underlying meanings coincide - this
coincidence is by both knowledge and deduction - in
otherwords if it seems like maybe its common enough,
throw it out here so we can look at it.

I disagree with Mark (was it) that "red handed"
does'nt mean anything in say, Esperanto. Though
Esperanto speakers come from an entirely different
planet (different "planet"=idiom?:)), they can still
make out the meaning of "the red hand" and "getting
caught" with one.


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